Devoting their life to creating their theatre

Iva & Petar

Welcome to the official biographical page of IVA & PETAR, two exceptional artists, theatre-makers, playwrights and performers working together for more than three decades, devoting their life to exploring the use of mask in theatre and to creating their own theatre.

On these pages, now at one place for the first time, you will find bundled all their important works, including their award-winning theatre productions. (see OUR WORKS)

Discover more about the unique way how they work together, and about the places, people, stories, backgrounds, circumstances what has effected in shaping and achieving their uncompromising idea of mask theatre. As seen through their own words (OUR STORY) and through the words of PRESS.

Find out how they, following their restless spirit, exploring out of the comfort zone, constantly re-inventing themselves – succeeded to express themselves in various fields of theatrical performance, be it theatre on stage, interaction among the audience or even happening on street; and thus left a mark in the field of the mask-theatre.

… new forms of non-institutional theatre emerged, like the family theatre
Maska i pokret with its specific organisational and aesthetic orientation was founded by Iva and Petar Mandić. Both were searching for a way to use puppets (MASKS) and movement as a medium for theatrical expression. …

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