It was becoming increasingly clear that we would not get such a reaction in such places with Leopoldine. Therefore, we started thinking that we too would do something that the audience would value. We also wanted a decent round of applause and, above all, we wanted to stop compromising our productions.

On the other hand, as an inspiration for the “comedy”, in fact, the irresistible inspiration for the parody was served by another “pearl” of bad taste that we encountered every summer – the zauber(traum)theatre Salome. An oriental revue with circus acts, and terrible pathos, and a massive crowd that “melted away” with delight watching it. The artistic director of this theatre had a “weak spot” for us, so he booked us two summers for his festival organised in Berlin in collaboration with the Steigenberger Hotel on Los-Angeles-Plats.

The third inspiration, better say frustration is related to the civic-deadly theatre and even more to the civic-snobbish theatre audience in the Netherlands. We wanted to deal with this snobbery.

And so with these three “inspirations” we started working on a new play that was supposed to be both a comedy and a parody of everything that stung and itched us.

We made a couple of scenes, but we weren’t happy with the first couple of performances.

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