My Mask Chocolate

“When the artists and theatre makers Iva and Pear Mandick began substituting their mask-making materials with chocolate, something mouth-wateringly divine appeared, MY Mask-Chocolate.” (Premiere Designers)

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their work & life in (mask) theatre, Iva & Petar launched in 2009 a chocolate brand MY MASK featuring extraordinary CHOCOLATE MASK COLLECTION.
The brand was launched at the world’s biggest chocolate show Salon du Chocolat Paris. Thousands of visitors and professionals from the chocolate industry were ‘amazed and astonished’ by esthetic quality and originality of My Mask creations.
Chocolate masks collection is inspired by the greatest mask-traditions around the world. The Mask being one of those Symbols that speak a universal language, bridging cultures, generations and times. A celebration of our desire to change, to transform, to reach out for our dreams and to re-invent ourselves.

The power of Mask
Iva & Petar have always been fascinated by dramatic power and the magic of the mask. Throughout their work, the mask plays an important role. During their career they have designed hundreds of masks in most diverse shapes and materials: from large, grotesque masks with fixed expression to super realistic flexible full-body masks – with actors being completely transformed into ‘more-real-than–real-life’ characters.
Through their work the ancient magic of the mask lives on, now given a new face and contemporary meaning.

Masks, gold and chocolate
Using only 2 ingredients: pure Chocolate, a “food of Gods”, and Gold, once called ‘the elixir of life’, and a wide variety of sophisticated techniques, ranging from traditional sculpting to cutting-edge special effects techniques from film industry the artists create magic evoking the ancient meanings of the Mask.
The dramatic beauty of their masks lies in contrast: shadow (dark chocolate) vs light (gold); everlasting vs short-lived etc. The mask is here a poetic symbol of theatrical performance – a touching symbol of the ephemerality that speaks of eternity.
All Masks are sculpted and designed in a variety of versions before a final mold is fashioned. The masks are cast delicately, in the finest chocolate available. Each mask is plated with 24 K edible gold – using the ancient technique of gilding, known by jewelry makers and painters, and customized by My Mask creators.

My Mask the Brand
Ever since their debut at Salon du Chocolat 2009 in Paris, My Mask Chocolate has captured attention by press, chocolate-lovers and experts from the chocolate world. In less than a year they took part at a number of international chocolate events, such as Monaco 2010 en de Salon du Chocolat Marseille 2011; they have been featured in books about chocolate, in designers’ magazines and blogs about chocolate around the world. Chocolate masks have been introduced at art & luxury shops in a.o. Paris, Monaco, London, Dubai and Amsterdam.
Where to buy: At the moment My Mask creations are available in a limited edition through selected authorized resellers and through our online shop. At the moment Gold Mask (a classical theatre mask) and Venetian Mask are available. Prototypes for other masks are being studied as well.

Products by My Mask Chocolate
Edible Art inspired by the greatest mask-traditions around the world.
Dark chocolate adorned with 24K edible gold leaf

The Gold Mask is designed in the form of a ‘classic’ theatre mask. The dualisms: light and shadow, male/female, life and beyond – are all possible symbolic meanings that can be attached to the Gold Mask.

The mask- portrait has always fascinated, all through the centuries. Who doesn’t know the famous mask of Tutankhamon or the Golden Mask of Agamemnon? Le Petit Bijou, a miniature mask-portrait is a ‘homage’ to the greatest mask-portraits from the ancient history.

By accurate sculpting, by combining various shades of chocolate, and by ornamental gilding, the artists create the illusion of a ‘real’  Commedia del Arte mask. It is one-of-a-kind theatrical piece that looks as if it belonged to a Commedia del Arte actor from several centuries ago. Carefully designed packaging (a box which resembles the idea of an old-fashion round hat-box) accentuates this idea.


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