We came here to the Netherlands without any ‘pedigree’ (we fell from the sky).

Instead, we should have – prepared the ground already in Yugoslavia, we should have set up a lobby there (in this we would be helped by influential people from the theatre world we knew and who were fond of us, for example, Ćirilov the director of BITEF festival and many others).

So if we would come to a new foreign country (which would presumably not be the Netherlands but probably another, more “theatre” country – America?) we would have immediately be seen as a GROUP THAT RESEARCHES MASKS AND MOVEMENT, creating a certain model of theatre, therefore as someone who is essential to theatre and worthy of research in the field of theatre.

On this basis, we could probably (even in an unfamiliar country) continue to work further in the direction we started. And then probably get some structural conditions to continue that one “exploring” work.

And not (as it happened): on arrival in a new country, we were forced to compromise our art for existential reasons by concentrating on selling productions and performing at all costs, left to ourselves, often in completely wrong places.

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