In this phase we composed material – which were a series of unrelated short pieces in the style of folk theatre and mystical plays – ranged from farce and comedy to more serious pieces inspired by Jean Genet and Ionesco, in the performance called “ETUDE WITH MASKS, ”which was later partially produced for national TV.
Etudes with masks were, in the true sense of the word short studies, short plays with various types of masks and various content. The whole program combines the use of mask (paper-mache, medium size), dance movements/mime and music.
But the content was not uniform: it shifted from farce and comedy with black humor (Samba, Tango, Masks) to numbers with far deeper meanings and symbols (Executioner, Waltz, Baba and Sniffer) – to mostly visual numbers.
The period still brought some ‘buzz’ – yes, we exist. In particular, there were several offers to record something here and there for TV. We caught the attention of some TV producers. Several interviews and announcements in various newspapers followed.
The etudes shows exactly where we were at that moment of our exploration and discovery. The mask can serve both in farce and in symbolic representations. This also expresses our doubts as to which direction we will go: affinity existed for both directions – farce and humor or symbolic theatre.

This period lasted roughly from November 79 to beyond summer 80.
In addition to the performances in the apartment, there was a public performance in Zagreb as part of a folk festival in Maksimir.
Later that summer, we added a couple more Etudes this time with magnified masks – a parody to commercial TV programs. This was shown on TV but we were no longer having performances in the living room.

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