In the circle of theatre people, and favoured by the most prominent critics, academics and playwrights in the country, it has been forming, solidifying and wide-spreading an ATTITUDE about us – almost like a manifesto.

On the one hand – through the numerous reviews, critiques and essays published by these important people – it has been crafted a certain way of writing about us, even through the use of certain words – we were presented as a rare original occurrence in theatre, a theatre group that deals with the study of function of masks and movements in the theatre, as a truly experimental theatre, the avant-garde in the true sense of the word.

On the other hand, through most of these publications, it was spreading a certain “anger” at the “institutions” that close their eyes and avoid creating conditions for us to work (give us grants, give us a theatre building even).

Soon it was impossible to imagine that someone would write something else about us. To write differently would mean that you are not “in”. And so everyone (probably to show others and confirm that they were “with”) wrote the same way.

Although we did not initiate or invent this climate around ourselves (nor could we even create something like this ourselves even if we wanted to) – this of course suited us!

That fact that you find constant confirmation that you are worth and that you are worth so much – you start believing it yourself. The picture of oneself (ourself) quickly solidified and grew. This also explains that in less than three years we have been able to produce four productions – the most important works so far.

We were the “fuel” for the fire – we were at the right moment in the right place.
Numerous theatre people have seen an unprecedented signification in our work – research, and countless reviews, essays and polemics confirm this. It helped us to form ourselves as creators and to accomplish in a certain direction, and to the fullest extent.
To leave such a favourable environment was very dangerous, but at that moment, of course, we could not be aware of it or know what lies ahead.

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