LEAVING SARAJEVO / Journey into the night

On a winter night, dirty snow, a sleeping car and 13 boxes with productions: Leopoldine, Children’s and Requiem. A delegation of people who escorted us to Sarajevo’s train station and helped us load everything on the train.

And everyone wondered how it is possible for someone who is in the prime of success to decide to abandon it all and leave. Why did we leave – right at the moment when all doors seem to open up?

The reason is at first glance banal. The military service (which was compulsory in Yugoslavia at the time) could no longer be postponed. Everybody was saying: Well, what is a year, that quickly goes by … but not for us. Not being together for a year was not an option for us. For us personally and for our work, our theatre would be a disaster, and – no matter how absurd, unrealistic and out of proportion romantic – we decided to leave.
We’ve been preparing for months: making custom boxes for props, masks and costumes.

When we left, we knew it was forever, that we would never come back.

Iva’s father designed frog and dragon bronze sculptures for the fountain
in front of the railway station in Sarajevo.

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