Neko je ubio Pjesmu

Already in that first play, the authors actually expressed their theatrical manifesto: a belief in the poetic essence of theatre, using what is in the very core of the theatre's origins - mask, music, movement… Read more

Overture For A Requiem

Remaining within their range of means of expression - the authors take this play a step further by complicating the plot and individualising the characters that are here connected by complex mutual dramatic relationships… Read more

Blue Flower Fairy Tale

This time around, the entire visual element of the play is well suited to children's artistic expression. It is as if, somewhat stylised, the characters from the children's drawings came to life, in bright and vibrant colours… Read more

Miracles Now

Taking over the form of Dante's Divine Comedy, and using visual language based on new Symbols derived from mass-media and advertising – Miracles Now takes us to the realm of contemporary mythology... Read more

Big Bugs Show

With a ‘Kafkaesque’ crawling spectacle featuring four giant lifelike beetles, Iva & Petar are moving their theatre to the streets, right amongst the audience... Read more

Mr.Image Group

Continually exploring new dimensions in mask theatre, the artists are discovering the impact of their realistic masks in direct interaction with the audience... Read more

Project Kloon

The artists explore the possibilities for the use of Super-realistic mask (a living replica of a real person) in contemporary theatrical performance... Read more