At times, we felt almost like rock stars when we came to places where we were playing. The press described us as “one of the most profiled (alternative street theatre) groups in Europe”, it was spoken of “fans” and “friends” of Soap opera …

So we won the audience, the press adored us, we could comfortably live off the proceeds of the performance and finally “breathe it out.”

The opinion of the press (in Germany) was formed: – A to perfection refined performance, humorous, parodic, satiric show. The understanding and appreciation especially in Germany; why the show especially in Germany received a good reception – probably because of a very strong tradition of operetta and bourgeois approach to theatre – so many could immediately spot a parody on deadly theatre and really enjoy it.

Now that we have finally achieved what we finally wanted (we finally nailed it) – what else could have gone wrong?

Anecdote: Before the Internet and mobile phones: appeared on the wrong date

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