After returning from Šibenik where we played at the Children’s Theater Festival, where Iva performed in the seventh month of her pregnancy with no one being able to notice, we began to prepare for the arrival of a new family member.
We partitioned one corner of our large room with wooden panels that we brought from the Academy of Fine Arts, which, for the Program One performance, served as the stage boards. It was a nursery for our daughter Tijana.
Already at that time, there were mirrors along the wall opposite her room. Masks in all shapes and forms all over the room, small, big, scary, funny, they all made the world of her fantasy.
Leopoldina’s mask was made, sculpted, painted, just a few meters from the door of her room while she was still in the cradle – from which she could watch and follow our rehearsals.
It is no wonder that three years later, after we finished Leopoldine’s performance, received applause and went into the dressing room, heard applause from the auditorium again – now addressed to Tijana who “encore”, briefly repeated the whole show.

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