Soon we started to have performances in our apartment.

Along the wall beneath the windows, we would form a settee with pillows and rugs. These were the visitors’ seats. Lighting: we had two improvised spotlights. Filters: during our night walks in town, we discovered abandoned stained-glass windows in the basement of a building on Tito’s street, from where we from time to time removed the coloured glass and used them as filters for the spotlights.

Usually, as an intro, Vojo Ivanović played classical guitar, and we served coffee to our guests. We changed and did make-up in our bathroom. My brother or someone else would do the sound technique. Sometimes during the course of the performance, one could hear the pounding of a stick from downstairs (a neighbour who warned us to stop jumping). With coffee after the show it was still discussed and criticised and debated about the performance for a long time. In the middle of the room, we always put a money box, but no one ever threw anything in it; they probably thought it was some symbol or a prop.

A photo from the first published press about Theatre in the Living Room

The first guests were our friends and colleagues from theatre university on the one hand and from the ballet world on the other. Then the rumour about the eccentric theatre and the eccentric couple spread so that people were bringing in and introducing new people. Soon, Tito’s street 12 became an avant-garde eccentric place, a place where one ‘should be’.

It even caught the attention of some journalists to write about us as that “eccentric” couple. It certainly caught the attention of our neighbour below us (sometimes in the middle of the show you could hear a thud in the floor).

Later that summer, we added a couple more Etudes, this time with enlarged masks – a parody to commercial TV programs. This was shown on TV, but we were no longer having performances in the living room.


A group of painters (Anto, with colleagues) with whom we hung out since the attic project. We spent frequently evenings in their Atelier in the aroma of oil colors and turpentine and with red wine, especially winter evenings with snow. The painters were genuine fans of our theatre.

A group of musicians (classical guitar, classical music) my brother Vladimir’s colleague. Among them are some very ambitious and talented guys who would later become world names like Vojo Ivanovic. Valuable suggestions for the use of music; they brought us new little known tracks.

University colleagues – some who have already started working on TV (Vesna Maric). Then they brought us to other TV director, and that’s why there was a bit of TV recording here and there.

University colleagues who have already worked as critics/journalists. That’s why already then it was here and there written about us in the press.

Marko Kovačević, an aspiring colleague from the faculty who will play a major role in introducing us to the serious theatre world; who will pledge to be included in the official program of the MESS Festival; which will influence us to come out in the spotlight and who will write about us himself.

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